Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goat Setup

We currently have 2 goats. They recently had kids so we have a few baby goats running around. I believe that there are 2 females, 2 males, and 1 ex-male (unlike a steer, I'm not sure what you call a castrated goat). We have a good setup for housing them, it has shelter, easily accessible water, and plenty of open land for grazing. We supplement their diet with hay and grain, but so far, most of it has come from eating whatever is growing in the fields.

We are planning on getting 2-4 more goats to go into full milk production so that each family involved can get enough milk to last them a week.

We do have a milking machine, but haven't bothered to break it out since it is faster to milk by hand just the 2 goats than it would be to use and clean the milker. Once we get the other goats, that'll change.

I haven't milked the goats yet, but the others say we are getting about 1/2 gallon right now. That should go up as things stabilize and settle down.

Goat Commune

We are part of a local group that has decided that we want to try something that will be more healthy for us and our families. We will detail the experiences of buying, handling, and milking goats.