Monday, May 16, 2011

Once more into the Breach

It has been some time since anyone has posted anything, but that is mostly because life is pretty quiet during the wintertime with the goats.  We get them pregnant during the winter so there isn't any milking going on.  Which means that it is quick trip to feed them only.  We've had our minions doing that feeding after their school so it has been quite a while since I have been over to the farm.

The last month has been somewhat exciting as all the goats have delivered their babies.  We had some hard luck with the first few birthings.  We lost several of the baby goats which we think might be because of some of the cold weather we had during this time.

We also had our Spring cleanup which was very needed due to all the buildup of muck in the manger area.  I don't quite know why all the goats love to go to the bathroom where they eat, but that seems to be where they all do their business.  Things are much nicer now.

The goats are still nursing their babies so we are only milking them lightly, not getting much milk from them.  They should be getting old enough to wean pretty soon and we'll start selling them off and going into full milk production.

But until then, we'll enjoy having them around the farm.