Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better set location

We are able to start milking in and using the barn, this is a much better setup, also if you need a big bunch of dried manure for your gardens or whatever else let me know we have access to a bunch of it, it is actually straw/manure compost. We also have alfalfa hay in the barn and this should be much better than what we had been using before, I believe that is why the production dropped off so much just bad grass hay. Now when we milk we just need to use one silver can scoop of grain per goat per milking and we will adjust it later if we need to. I don't see any post besides Marc and Diane, come on people you need to post your experiences even (and especially for the rest of us) if they are not the best most special positive experiences. I know how much Marc likes to spend time playing with the goats while he is milking, I am kinda surprised you want to get done so fast, I mean you like to run and chase them and then hug them, that's what it looks like anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Those may look like hugs but I'm really trying to wring their necks. If all the goats suddenly die I won't have to worry about getting up early to milk them anymore. Kinda reminds me of that Dunkin' Donuts' commerical...Time to milk the goats, time to milk the goats, time to milk the goats.