Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frolicing Friends

Now that all the goat kids are up and active it is easy to see why people buy baby goats. They are pretty fun to watch running around on their spindly little legs, exploring their new homes. It seems like most of them got the shape of their heads from the Billy Goat we had we had earlier, which is to be expected.

They do seem to get tired pretty quickly but when they start growing a little more I'm sure that they will get past that. They are all nursing off their mothers. Some were worried about that for a bit, but nature knows what it is doing and all is well.


  1. They are adorable!! I wish we lived closer, the girls would LOVE them. Do the boys get a kick out of them?

  2. They love to spend time with them. We've gone over quite a few times since they have been born because the kids want to go play with them.