Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinning the herd

We've had quite a few kids sold in the past week or so.  I think we are down to 1 female now, but none of the males have been sold.  We also got rid of the goat that didn't get pregnant this time around, known by some as Little Red.  Diane also sent out an email she received from someone stating that they had 2 goats they would give to us.  They are none milking goats, but if someone knows of anyone wanting mature goats, these are freebies, they will even be delivered. 

We are going to start weaning them starting Monday so we will start the full milking schedule again.  We milked them with the machine yesterday, but several of them are so empty from the kids that we didn't get more than a few drops.  I am glad that it is warming up though, I'm just hoping that this Spring weather continues to get nicer and nicer.

The kids are starting to eat solid foods.  You can see them nibbling on everything they can reach.  It is kind of funny to see all the kids climbing through the holes in the manger to eat on the bale of hay while all the Nanny goats are fighting over whatever remains are left in the manger itself from their feeding frenzy.

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  1. Marc, do you know any more details about those two freebies? Gender, breed, age, etc. That may help people if they would consider taking them in.