Thursday, June 2, 2011

Milk Machine Cleaning

We are looking at changing the way we clean our milking machine and handle the pass-off from family to family.  Currently, we milk the goats, take the machine home to hand clean it, then drop it off to the person doing the milking the next day.  We are experimenting with leaving the machine at the farm so we don't have to keep doing the pass-off. 

We have cleared out an area near the milking stands which has a gate to keep the goats out.  We will have a few buckets and cleaner there.  Once we are done with the milking, we will empty the machine into our own container, and fill up one bucket with water and cleaner(we use Clorox) and the other with clean water.  We can then use the pump to suck the water through the machine.  Swish it around to make sure we don't miss any spots, then dump it out and repeat the process with the rinse water.  We will then hang it up to dry.  Some of us have set up a drying station with curtains and covers to keep any dust/insects/racoons out of the machine while it is drying. 

Way back at the beginning I used the pump to clean the machine and it goes through the water lickity split.  If this turns out to do a satisfactory cleaning job, it will cut more time off the milking process.  Which is always a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

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