Monday, July 12, 2010

Training Day

We have sold off the White Saanen that was giving us grief due to the mastitis that it had.  It is too bad that we didn't handle that better, but it is a lesson learned for next time. 

The next task is to teach our newest goat to come in and get up on the milking stand all by herself.  She is still pretty shy of me, I have to lure her into the barn, then grab her collar and lead her over to the milk stands.  This last time, she only needed a bit of prompting to jump up onto the stand herself.  The times before that I had to drag up so she is slowly learning.  The first one of us that can get her to do the whole process by herself gets a medal.

The heat is here to stay and it looks like the milk is slowing down a bit.  One of the pastures is mostly dry and I'm not sure if the goats are eating anything out of it anymore.  We are getting low on hay and will have to make another hay run at some point in the near future.  With just 1 more goat to sell, things are looking pretty stable for the time being.

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