Thursday, September 23, 2010

Problems at the Pump

Apparently our pump broke down a few days ago.  I didn't hear anything about it until it was fixed, but I feel for those that had to hand milk for the time that it was being repaired.  Now that it is fixed, it sometimes binds up and the internal motor won't spin.  It is easily fixed by manually turning the motor back a few degrees.  The best way to do that is to use a metal rod and get some leverage on the fins attached to the internal windings.  Then push them clockwise.  Looking at the end of the pump face on, here is what to look for.

To further illustrate this process we have a short training video to become familiar with in case you are called upon to perform this procedure in the course of your duties.
Hopefully this will not be necessary once the new parts become worn in.  If it continues, it'll have to be taken apart and re-examined to see what is causing the internal winding to become bound up.  I have left a metal rod that works well for this on the left side of the pump.

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